Huffington post dating actors

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Other times I'd do something foolish like throw a carrot over the top of the wall into where I knew they were actively shooting and I was just waiting to see what i could disrupt.

Walter and I, we pranked one our production assistants by the name of Nick Kellis a lot.

Moonwalking around putties could have been a possibility.

Zordon could have had a crazier voice, although David Fielding's audition was just him versus one other actor.

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We found some spots in the Arizona desert while I was bouncing at the time, just bouncing, teaching martial arts.WJ: To be working on a television show and have a regular job, doing 40 episodes a season, that's not something to sneeze at.But when the show is making billions of dollars, when they made about a billion dollars in the first year off of merchandising, and when we have toys and parks and video games and comic books and all these things with our likeness, it starts to come into reason that this should be at least union, so it'll be fair. I could have worked the window at Mc Donalds and probably made the same money the first season.My friend was telling me you got to go audition, so I show up and there are thousands of people at this open call audition.And of course with that, I had to wait in line for quite a few hours.

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