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Warning: All your mods are in the same directory as your player and world saves!

Be very careful when removing them, or else you may accidentally delete your saves!

For example, t Config version is shown in the "1.1 Compatible Mods" list as simply "0.27.2".

You can display a JAR file's table of contents to see what it contains without actually unpacking the JAR file. When extracting files, the Jar tool makes copies of the desired files and writes them to the current directory, reproducing the directory structure that the files have in the archive.

This section shows you how to update the contents of an existing JAR file by modifying its manifest or by adding files.

Even if you want to take advantage of advanced functionality provided by the JAR file format such as electronic signing, you'll first need to become familiar with the fundamental operations.

To perform basic tasks with JAR files, you use the Java Archive Tool provided as part of the Java Development Kit (JDK).

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