Intimidating body posture

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Each section of the class works a different muscle group and is accompanied by a music track that is designed to get you in the rhythm and inspire your efforts.Even if you don’t like the music at first, you may find yourself downloading some tracks after a while!Though I love trying new gyms and new classes, it’s also very pleasant to be able to do a Body Pump lesson with the same music and moves you already know from another gym.

By touching your nose too much, someone might think you are lying.

I’ve been following Body Pump classes since I began going to the gym (around 5 years ago).

When I was a complete beginner at the gym, Body Pump classes were really beneficial to learn the right techniques of basic moves (squats, lunges, up right rows, chest presses).

I hate the word “tone” that trainers use when they advice people (mostly women) to do Body Pump or weight training with a high number of reps to “get toned”.

It’s very difficult to get toned by doing Body Pump only -unless you’re naturally muscular, put on muscle easily and on top of that eat very clean.

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