Introverted singles dating

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If you or your date are introverts then you’ll want to avoid places that have tons of people, super-loud music, or extensive socializing.

We’re going to look at dates that will appeal to introverts and that you can enjoy together as a couple.

The introvert in the relationship will appreciate having food related-options that aren’t the typical dinner and a movie. These dates are great because they create a sense of togetherness and adventure.

Whether it’s a crush you’ve had for a while or a new match on Tinder, that initial contact is the hardest.

The fear of rejection or saying the wrong thing is strong for the humble introvert – you just hope that they’ll make the first move.

Unfortunately, the overthinking territory isn’t restricted to the first date and continues into the realm of texting…

You’d think texting would be perfect for introverts since it doesn’t involve face-to-face communication (or talking over the phone urrrghhh) – but you’d be wrong. You’ll be super excited when you receive a text, but it’ll take you many hours and many re-writes before you text back what sounds like the words of a completely sane, normal person.

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