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Encapsulation enables you to write reusable programs.

It also enables you to restrict access only to those features of an object that are declared Inheritance is an important feature of object-oriented programming languages.

Oracle Database provides support for developing, storing, and deploying Java applications.

This chapter introduces the Java language to Oracle PL/SQL developers, who are accustomed to developing server-side applications that are integrated with SQL data.

Most other languages, such as C, compile to machine-specific instructions, such as instructions specific to an Intel or HP processor.

When compiled, the Java code gets converted to a standard, platform-independent set of bytecodes, which interacts with a JVM.

Each class can contain the following: A class needs to be instantiated before you can use the instance variables or attributes and methods.It enables classes to acquire properties of other classes.The class that inherits the properties is called a child class or subclass, and the class from which the properties are inherited is called a parent class or superclass.The example in Figure 1-1 shows two instances of the Java supports only single inheritance, that is, each class can inherit attributes and methods of only one class.If you need to inherit properties from more than one source, then Java provides the concept of interfaces, which is equivalent to multiple inheritance. However, they define only the signature of the methods and not their implementations.

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