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hey what do ouy mena by the below private void data Grid View1_Cell Validating(object sender, Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args e) if (adding Row) - is to call the button event for adding a new row is it every time the cell validating event triggers and a value is entered in the datagridview cell right??2) Detach the event hander before the unwanted event triggers and re-attach after.Something there is causing the cell validating event to fire.[Edit] The validating event is firing because focus is being moved from the DGV to the button. The output files can be sorted in a text editor and imported into word processor's table format.

You have two options for fixing this - one is to simply use the row's error text so instead of: this.datagridview X. For instance, if column with index 2 is read only and you dont want to validate cells in that column you could use: If you have attached an event handler to the Cell Validating event then it will always fire when focus leaves the cell.This Data Grid View exists as part of an entry form with a Cancel button.How can I achieve that the cell remains in edit mode and the error-symbol is displayed too? I have managed to find solutions for when the cell is in edit mode and not in edit mode.if (...)elsec# winforms datagridview | this question edited Oct 10 '11 at asked Oct 10 '11 at Kottan 2,118 4 32 60 As I say in my answer - what you are describing isn't the out of the box behaviour so you must be doing something unusual. – David Hall Oct 10 '11 at | 1 Answersup vote 7 down vote The behaviour you are seeing is actually due to a painting issue and not due to the error icon not being shown.

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