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(NT) -- Im sure you have great support., Fri, Dec 15 2017, " I agree with the dancer.If you are making the financial commitment to get to Worlds, you need to do the training to back it up or you should not be going.(NT) -- it's hard work., Fri, Dec 15 2017, " I beg to differ! 2nd at the World Champships and now a fully qualified Physiotherapist with top Academic Honors.Ceili Moore TCRG World Champion and also accepted into University, a challenge which I am sure she will achieve one day.If I sat on my butt for six weeks , my chances of even a recall at Worlds would be zero.(NT) -- My goal is to WIN, Thu, Dec 14 2017, " I admire your dedication, hard work and dream to be successful, but I'm just thinking from a parent's nt's point of view.Young dancers should enjoy their summer break, but if they are going to Worlds they can't do nothing for 6-7 weeks.If you aren't going to train hard, you should re-think going at all as you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

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Life is about new experiences and challenging yourself and having fun. Also not everyone is focused on University and fancy career paths. Why would you spend 4 years at Uni only to end up driving Uber or at a checkout in Woolies ?

Understandable for a club that run as non-for-profit but a solely owned school, fundraising can seem to go astray as a means to keep a business running.

(NT) -- //, Tue, Nov 28 2017, " Must say that I agree with you on this.

(I'd be willing to travel), Sun, Dec 31 2017, " Yes it's a shame the competitions stop for 3 or 4 months in Australia.

Our dancers certainly have a lot of catching up to do in February.

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