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Even the top performers were so profoundly inadequate that the computer had to choose its favorites based on tiny nuances.The genetic algorithm eliminated the worst of the bunch, and the best were allowed to mingle their virtual DNA by swapping fragments of source code with their partners.The chip’s performance improved in minuscule increments as the non-stop electronic orgy produced a parade of increasingly competent offspring.

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As predicted, the principle of natural selection could successfully produce specialized circuits using a fraction of the resources a human would have required. The plucky chip was utilizing only thirty-seven of its one hundred logic gates, and most of them were arranged in a curious collection of feedback loops.A traditional sound processor with its hundreds of thousands of pre-programmed logic blocks would have no trouble filling such a request, but Thompson wanted to ensure that his hardware evolved a novel solution.To that end, he employed a chip only ten cells wide and ten cells across— a mere 100 logic gates.All one must do is load the appropriate configuration.The informatics researcher began his experiment by selecting a straightforward task for the chip to complete: he decided that it must reliably differentiate between two particular audio tones.

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