Is dating my cousin bad Adult password 20 12 2013 members

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I am not saying he is absolutely not sincere but would give it 15% probability in a very charitable mood, at best. Marriage rules and conventions in India depend on the religion of the parties.Realistic estimate: 10%Well I will hope if you have no luck in talking her into slowing down, she has my luck. Since both LB and Joe belong to the same religion (and because LB's parents gave her a religious upbringing) they will be having a socially and legally valid 'religious marriage' rather than a non-religious 'legal marriage' performed by a government registrar, for which too they are eligible.It is sad but true that such girls have been targets of unscrupulous marriages in this region.I have seen more than one such local marriage end in cheating and bitter divorce, so I hesitate to tell her parents that I cannot help them in this delicate matter.

' Some people do prenuptial agreements here but not this couple, because it's not yet very common and my cousin believes Joe's 'good intentions' implicitly.However, I am absolutely not going to communicate with Joe in any manner over this or any other issue.The problem: Joe is notorious in this town as an unreliable character with plenty of 'bad habits' (read vices) -- this is no exaggeration because I know for a fact that he drinks alcohol in excess, gambles away his earnings and is being investigated for fraud at his former workplace.SE Note: Two of my cousins and one friend have already benefited from the good advice given by members of IPS.SE but I was not directly involved in those cases whereas I would be if I am to convince my cousin.

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