Is travis mccoy dating

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When asked if they would rather give up sex for a year than date a rival team's fan, 24% of those Ravens fans said "yes." Now that's commitment.

Related: These 100 players are the best in the league right now: Ten organizations also had at least 50% of their fans report that they would rather date someone of the same football fanbase than of the same faith.

Well, that's easier said than done, especially when you realize how some NFL fans are.

A study done by Fanatics delves deep into the dating preferences of each team's fanbase -- and it revealed some interesting trends.

Look for Baltimore’s rushing volume to climb in 2017 — perhaps drastically.

The team added Greg Roman to the coaching staff this offseason.

Why not just date someone who loves football as much as you?Exactly how the carries will be divvied is unclear.Dixon’s 4-game suspension to begin the season will give West a month-long audition as lead back.Philadelphia Eagles fans came in hottest there, with 68% of fans surveyed saying they'd rather a significant other switch football teams for them than convert religions.Similarly, nearly 30% of Buffalo Bills fans said they would rather go against their political beliefs and vote for an opposing party than date a division rival.

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