Italy dating game hetalia

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However, Chibitalia is alternatively afraid and reverent around Holy Rome, and their interactions are often awkward or chaotic much to the amusement of fellow servant Hungary.

The Holy Roman Empire begins to become unstable, and Holy Rome is forced to leave for war, though he asks Italy to join him and create the most powerful country in the world.

Italy immediately surrenders and begs Germany not to kill him, though Germany is still in shock and initially believes Italy is putting on an act.

Italy shows no resistance to capture, and leaves when Germany leaves the cell door open only to return after briefly flirting with some girls.

After writing a song about Germany, he is ultimately kicked out.

After the war is over, Italy appears at Germany's house begging for a job as he has fallen into poverty just as Germany has.

When Italy wakes up, he immediately rushes inside and forgets to put in his pants, flashing Russia and the other visiting nations.

During World War I, Germany crosses the border into northern Italy with just a stick.

Expecting a great opponent reminiscent of the Roman Empire, he instead encounters Italy hiding in a tomato crate in the woods.

After talking briefly he seems to pass out and his spirit comically leaves his body, only to get pulled back into reality by Japan.

Italy is initially upset, but becomes excited at the possibility of making a new friend and invites Seychelles to join their manga club.

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