Karibu dating u s attitudes toward interracial dating are liberalizing

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It is society’s way of keeping tabs on your progress because it helps society to consign you into any two of the following categories; success or failure. When you die, they always tell us when you were born to allow mourners to come to conclusions about the worthiness of your life.

Your eulogy is basically your resume of accomplishments on earth.

At 20 it is considered ignorant to describe the taste of a beer as bitter.

Girls are allowed to pick up the same habits later.

Between the ages of 18- 24 many women will believe, that there is such a thing as the perfect man.

At 50, it dawns on one that a career in Kenyan politics starts in one’s mid thirties and climaxes hopefully in Presidency at the grand age of 70.After 10 years, children who will not have gotten their toilet training in order are herded off to special schools.Between the ages of 14-18, girls are pressurized to try out sex but with the stern warning; don’t get pregnant.If you keep everyone waiting like Einstein did for four years, they might call you a slow learner.At about 5 years of age you quickly realize that wetting your pants doesn’t provide the same comic relief it did a few years ago.

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