Keri russell dating scott speedman

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Luckily, paparazzi weren’t as big a deal then as they are now.I want to say to everyone, ‘Let them [today’s teen stars] be kids!“I think people want a meeting of the minds, to be courted, and that’s what Austen offers,” Russell says.“Especially in our time of such blatant physical sexuality everywhere, I think people respond to emotional, intellectual connection.

I think John Stamos was the guy who stayed with her the longest and that was just a few months. Anyway, she now has some old, rich German guy she wants everyone to know is her boyfriend.She’s made a nifty career of it, from her debut at age 15 on “The All New Mickey Mouse Club,” through her coming-of-age years on the college drama “Felicity” (J. Abrams’ first TV series), and on into films including the new rom-com “Austenland,” in which she plays a wallflower who visits a Jane Austen theme park in search of her own Mr. Being delightful off-screen isn’t hard for Russell, either — in a recent phone interview, she was sunny and playful, with a mischievous sense of humor. BADGLEY MISCHKA dress, ,270 at Bergdorf Goodman, 754 Fifth Ave.; Earrings, ,800 at DAVID WEBB, 942 Madison Ave.; PHILLIPS HOUSE ring, ,250 at London Jewelers, 516-671-3154 Floral arrangement, 0 at BELLE FLEUR NYC, 212-254-8703, (Rene Cervantes) Fashion Editor: Serena French; Deputy Fashion Editor: Anahita Moussavian; Photographer: Rene Cervantes; Hair: Brian Magallones/Exclusive artists using aveda; Makeup: Tina Turnbow/Crosby Carter Management; Location: The Wythe Hotel, 80 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn, NY, 11249,; Dress, ,215 at; Earrings, ,000 at Tiffany & Co., 727 Fifth Ave.But to be honest, she’s having a total gas playing the moody and secretive Elizabeth Jennings, a 1980s-era Soviet spy posing as a Washington, DC, housewife, on the FX series “The Americans.” “I’m really enjoying not having to be charming at every turn,” Russell says. And I get to wear thick, cat-eye eyeliner, and chains and silk blouses and long hair. Badgley Mischka dress, ,270 at Bergdorf Goodman, 754 Fifth Ave.; Earrings, ,800 at David Webb, 942 Madison Ave.; Phillips House ring, ,250 at London Jewelers, 516-671-3154; Floral arrangement, 0 at Belle Fleur NYC, 212-254-8703, (Rene Cervantes) Lately, she’s found a new groove in her work that she calls “a delightful surprise.” In “Austenland” — a Sundance hit, and the directorial debut of Jerusha Hess, who co-wrote “Napoleon Dynamite” — Russell keeps her charm under wraps for awhile: Able to afford only the discount tour package, her character stumbles around a rented mansion in muslin gowns and unflattering braids, but her pure heart wins the day.And, of course,” she adds, with a dirty little chuckle, “anytime you’re restrained from doing something, you only want to do it more.” “The Americans” also explores big moral issues — betrayal, repression, conflicting loyalties — and posits the notion that all people are at heart unknowable, that hidden storms are always roiling beneath even the most sanguine surface.And that’s precisely what Russell, 37, loves about it.

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