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Kinect is not bad, actually pretty good when it comes to motion controls.

* Motion control is LESS EFFICIENT * I like that Kinect exists, but I don't think they are smart enough to use it in fun ways.

Any who like this article I'm getting sick of seeing "This is the last generation of console articles" crap.

* When you get "sucked into a game", you don't even realize your playing, it's just you and the game.

These men were released after their case was thrown out on a technicality. Which is why in 2017, we're rolling out a whole new lineup of shows guaranteed to make you squirm. A new documentary where we take a camera crew into the houses of lower class residents of Manitowoc County, and force them to talk to us about their sad, awful lives.

Today, pretty much forgotten by the government, they get by with odd jobs here and there.

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