Leo dating a pisces

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This is the positive point which builds up the strong affection between them.Leo appreciates her tranquillity and compassion whereas she is fascinated by his muscle power.Pisces-Leo Compatibility Leo will always like to be a ruler of the family and Pisces will never mind as they want to be back seated.Pisces readily agrees to the decisions made by the Lions.Pisces will be drawn to the self-assurance of the Lion, perhaps hoping that confidence will rub off on them.Leo knows its found a compassionate heart in Pisces, one that has the capacity to love deeply and be loyal.

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A Pisces that's immersed in nightmares and delusions, fantasies or escapism, has Leo saying, "What's the point?

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Leo and Pisces bop along together smiling, both being gifted with vivid imaginations and a childlike sense of play.

Dates can take a spontaneous turn, both able to take off their adult masks, and let go.

They're apt to see the humor in life, and try to keep each other entertained. Pisces in love is escapist, dreamy and a big romantic.

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