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, Contracts and licensing, our daily bread, today's misled church, the lost sheep, you want an e-mail? , What the Kingdom will look like, What Christ said, the "Butte" story, Obama - greatest ally, sheep, coyotes, and mountain lions, fire and brimstone, Red heifer, State of Being, Churchianity, State created by man, not God, Next year's retreat, Feasts bring people together Still Faint!

- Find a quiet place/time and crank up the volume Land holders - Allodial title, the original kings, Leaders, Contracts, covenants, and constitutions, fear and trembling, faults of THE constitution, what the majority wants, how to prepare, purpose of the network?

, Brother Gregory's local church, fullness of the gospel, Sabbath made for man, We won't give doctrine for Sabbath or Name, We Require "Seek the Kingdom", Ten Commandments - which ten?

, Pharisees and the Old Testament, Hebrew letters - meaning and sequence, When is the Sabbath?

FEMA vs FEMA False religion, corban, social security, making the word of God to none effect... Electing benefactors, Peter vs Marcus Aurelius, Marriage licenses, Membership in the Kingdom, Contact Ministers, How does HHC fit in, but not of this world.

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These programs are originally broadcast by First Amendment Radio, and First Amendment Radio reserves exclusive rights to the material for 9 days following the broadcast.

So the recordings will not appear here until at least those 9 days have expired.

If you wish to hear them earlier, please tune in to the live broadcasts at First Amendment Radio on Saturday mornings at 8AM Pacific, 9AM Mountain, 10AM Central, or 11AM Eastern time.

, 2 different words for "month", looseness of translations, Hebrew letter "tav", Earn your day of rest, Sunday in the early church, Name - God does not need an ID card, Who names you? , Focus on weightier matters, Open your heart and mind, Purpose of the Feasts, The Cross, What are the weightier matters? The Kingom - seek it and God's righteousness, Taking a bite of your neighbor, City = cauldron, we are the flesh, Fleshpots, Ezekiel 11:3, Micah 3:3, Common purse, Proverbs 1, metaphors in Bible, words vs spirit, The source of Dogmas, Anger, Hebrew letter Mem - flow of energy, water, love, Hebrew word construction, Meeting with local ministers, Online pamphlets, Blood sacrifice, Burnt offerings, Kidneys?

, How you see your neighbor, Socialism, Social Security, Public Schools, REPENT!

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