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This may provide a chance to find a new perspective on the problem and often to become more accepting of yourself in the process.Counsellors will not tell you what to do or give you advice, though they may explore a range of support options with you which may help.Letters would tend to simply confirm that you are seeing a Counsellor.We cannot influence or determine the outcome of such letters.If you prefer not to have any acknowledgement, please let us know.Staff throughout the university already support many students who disclose emotional or personal problems to them.If you're happy to accept these cookies, simply continue browsing.

However, rarely, there may be exceptional circumstances when the Counsellor feels it is necessary to act without your permission, although we would seek to explain this with you first.Demand for counselling means you may need to wait until there is an available Counsellor.We prioritise our waiting list in terms of urgency which means that some people who feel their situation is important but manageable may have to wait longer for counselling sessions.Although we make every effort to offer appointments to all those requesting one as soon as we can, at times we can have a considerable waiting list.Whilst you are waiting, you may find these Occasionally, we are asked to write ‘letters of support’ which provide evidence that you are seeing a Counsellor about issues that are causing you difficulties.

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