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But in your heart you know that your Mac is doing no such thing.It may seem like it is only committed to your viewing of Game of Thrones, but in reality you know that behind your back it is playing around with all kinds of other applications, which is using up your Mac’s resources and draining your battery faster than what is needed.To turn off Wi-Fi on your Mac just click on Airport in the menu bar and choose to Another way to save battery on Mac Book is to remove unwanted accessories. A Mac that isn’t optimized is a lot like driving a car that is packed with family and luggage.Having stuff attached to your Mac can reduce its battery life. The car is heavier and requires more effort to do everything.Has anyone ever done a study about how your Mac battery health can affect your own health? So, how about we help you to make Mac Book battery last longer and never experience something like that?

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Now all three versions have higher scores and fall within Consumer Reports' "recommended" range.

Before the revision, the three new Mac Book Pros were the first Mac Books not to receive "recommended" rating from Consumer reports.

In December, tests of the new laptops showed battery life that was "highly inconsistent from one test to the next," Consumer Reports said.

We like to think that Apple developers are hard at work, trying to improve our Mac experience.

Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and start with the absolute basics of making sure your operating system is up-to-date.

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