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Boos ring out again as he tries to explain what happened for the knockdown.Davis then admits it was a mistake that cause him to miss weight and he apologises to the fans and to Mayweather promotions.He even swithed effectively from southpaw to orthodox for an effectivive combination which gave him the second round also, 9-10 JEFF POWELL: So after lengthy instructions as to what is allowed in boxing, they did touch gloves. Mayweather backed away to absorb the assault and when he did try a jab to the stomach it fell so short that The Notorious mocked him, going far as to put his hands behind his back. There was more volume as Mc Gregor was shown on the giant screens entering the building en famille.Two good lefts ensured a startlingly good start for Mc Gregor. Partner Dee Devlin walked alongside her sharp-suited man pushing a pram containing their three an a half month old first-born Conor Jr.

Andlittle Conor there on the night when his future was being bank-rolled by Dad to the tune of a hundred million.Fonseca: 'Everyone knows it was an illegal punch...Everybody saw as I was going down he hit me with two illegal shots...It was a straight right that was the beginning of the end. There does not appear to be as much KO power in the Mc Gregor left as in the light MMA gloves. Again the right is signalling that the end may be coming.And after all the verbals and nine hard rounds the two fighters embrace. 10-9 JEFF POWELL: The Mc Gregor jabs were more of nuisance now than a threat and Mayweather kept advancing through them. So it was close to Mc Gregor time before the trickle into the hall grew into a green flood.

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