Most intimidating fans in football

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Would Pickford have played the other night if still at Sunderland? Monty was the best English goalkeeper never to have played for the England full team.

But he did produce the greatest save ever on the Wembley pitch.

He would no doubt have been in the '37 team picking up a Cup Winners medal if he had lived.

I do hope the club bought him a decent headstone with the word "HERO" written on.

Three of which are in the bottom half of the table!

There are 30 games to play, if on average the rest of the league maintain their PPG (some will improve but for sure some will drop down) and we achieve a PPG of 1.63 then we would end up with 60 points and mid table.

In relation to some of the names mentioned and realistic options, Coleman is quite a coup for a club in our position. Tom Lynn Dear ALS Gordon Armstrong saying his Twitter page that Paul Heckingbottom will be the new SAFC manager as far as two good contacts of his have informed him.

He has personality and will weed out the bullshitters in the squad. If true, this is a scandalous appointment because we need an experienced manager with a bit of a fear factor who can rally our underperforming troops in a very short space of time. Rightly or wrongly Heckingbottom would be perceived by most Sunderland fans as another easy option, cheap appointment who will be grateful for the job, but it will undoubtedly end in tears and likely relegation.

It looks as though Kone and Grabban could be on their separate ways and Grabban will be missed. But, I have a feeling that there’s now all to play for.

Optimism has been like fool’s gold at the So L in recent seasons, but perhaps we’re about to strike real gold in the form of a successful second half of the season and, who knows, get back to where owe belong shortly afterwards. I feel Jack Rodwell and Lamine Kone should volunteer to repaint them.

All the best, Dave from Sheffield Dear ALS The win against Fulham was magnificent, the attendance of 25,000 plus although a good turnout once again displayed the awful pinkish, reddish, whitish seats. It would show their love for the club and dispel any doubts that they are there solely for the money.

Just hope the after-match phone call between them centred around how many bulbs has gone out at SAFC with a low voltage chairman and a (con)fused CEO...

Let's get behind Coleman and support him as this is possibly last chance saloon. Martin Cairns (down under in Brisbane) Dear ALS If Coleman is a result of Martin Bain’s work behind the scenes, well done.

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