Nelly is dating

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We’ve come to accept Ashanti is lowkey just as responsible for their decade of secrecy as he is, but every other week Nelly Nel seems to be switching between shouting out his old girl, Ashanti, to his ex-girl Tae, to his new girl Shantel, on social media.

He might be thinking it’s time to put it in a song so we know it’s real, but judging by his history — and Shantel’s — he might wanna wait a bit before dropping any love songs that he’ll later have to retract.

Jackson studied entertainment and technology at the Technical Arts High School where she learned about the film-making process right from screen-writing to editing.

She then studied acting and psychology at the University of Miami.

Nelly was booked for investigation of rape in the second degree but released a few hours later.

The following year, Nelly headed back into the studio with St.Her Instagram account has more than one million followers currently.Shantel Jackson’s Instagram account is full of pictures of her in sexy and revealing dresses, having fun with her girlfriends, and getting close and heavy with boyfriend Nelly. Lunatics found some local success in 1996 with the self-produced single "Gimme What You Got," but success didn't stick, and St. Lunatics), riddled the airwaves, and in the week after 200 albums chart. 3), "Move That Body" and "Gone," the sequel to his 2002 hit "Dilemma." Never one to stay idle for long, the two-time Grammy winner also has two clothing lines, Vokal and Apple Bottom, and has founded a charity, 4Sho4Kids Foundation, which raises money and awareness for various children's health issues.It wasn't long before the theory was proved correct, as Nelly was signed by Universal to a solo contract., came out that same year, becoming a huge hit while featuring appearances by St. The record went platinum nine times over in the United States and debuted at No. 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and the next two singles, "Stepped on My J'z" and "Body on Me," peaked at No. In late 2017, a 22-year-old University of Washington student sued the entertainer, claiming he sexually assaulted her on his tour bus and later damaged her reputation in his public denials.

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