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"That means as you get older you have to be even more vigilant."Aside from social security and a reverse mortgage check, Janet Cook works part-time as a church secretary to supplement her modest income.

She's now trying to recoup some of her lost savings from, the site where the scammer found her.

To spot them you can look for those who make frequent spelling errors, use a fake photo, profess love too soon, often claim to be working overseas and they'll ultimately end up asking you for money."You're online and you are looking to date and you see some of these red flags pop up-- get a second opinion and ask a friend 'What do you think about this? But she's not saying it's impossible to find love online."I actually, personally know quite a few people who have.

Many of those being targeted are senior citizens longing to get back in the dating pool."I got lonely and I spent a lot of time on the computer playing games, and I just happened to go to the date site," Janet Cook told us.

When Janet Cook went looking for love online, 17 years after losing her husband, she found someone on the very first day."I liked him you know because he said sweet things and he was very charming and had a kind of a gentle demeanor about him," Cook said.

In his profiles he claimed to be wealthy and able to repay monies advanced.

The profiles included photographs and personal information.

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