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Recommended Private Ryokens are: - Atami Fufu - Furuya Ryokan - Atami Sekitei - Watei Kazekomichi8) Naruko Onsen Making the list of the Top 10 Onsen towns in 2016, Naruko-onsen Hot Spring Village consists of five hot spring areas: “Naruko Hot Spring", “Higashi-Naruko Hot Spring", “Kawatabi Hot Spring", “Nakayamadaira Hot Spring", and “Onikobe Hot Spring", each of them are baths of great individuality.

Recommended Private Ryokens are: - Hotel Kameya9) Nyuto Onsen Nyuto Onsen slide 3 position from 2015 to rank #9 in 2016.

Nyuto-zan in Towada Hachimantai National Park, which is known its beautiful Japanese scenery.

Nyuto Onsen-kyo Hot Spring Village spreads over a large area, blessed with natural hot spring waters that flow out from deep underneath the virgin beech forest over the valley.

And one chief reason for it holding the top spot is the scenic view of Mt. Recommended Private Ryokens are: - Gora Kadan - Hakone Tokinoshizuku - Kinnotake Tonosawa - Yoshimatsu - Gora Tensui - Manatei Hakone - Hotel Green Plaza Hakone3) Noboribetsu Onsen Similar to Hakone, Noboribetsu remains recognized as one the best Onsen (3rd in place) in Hokkaido as far as access, notability, history, and quality goes.

Offering a wide range of different hot spring water, Noboribetsu is considered as Hokkaido's best Onsen town.

Noboribetsu Grand Hotel - This hotel's attractive and spacious indoor baths feature three different types of hot spring water (sulfur, salt and iron).

The main attraction, however, is the outdoor bath that looks onto a beautiful garden with a man made waterfall.

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They are simple and rustic, with just a single room for each gender containing a bath and a changing area.

Ikaho Onsen is among one of the four famous hot spring resorts of Gunma Prefecture, the other 3 being Kusatsu, Minakami and Shima Onsen. Two types of predominant onsen is found here: "Kogane no Yu (Golden Water)", in which the iron contained in the water has oxidized to form a distinctive brownish-red color; and "Shirogane no Yu (Silver Water)", whose gushing was only discovered in recent years.

Recommended Private Ryokens are: - Tsukagoshiya - Fukuichi - Joshinnosato Hibikino - Kishigon Ryoken - Tsukagoshiya Kounkan There are also two public hot spring bath houses that are open to day trip visitors: Ikaho Rotemburo and Ishidan no Yu.5) Nozawa Onsen Rising 2 positions with increasing popularity, this beautiful hot spring village dating back to the 8th century is renowned for it’s hot springs and traditional inns since the Edo period.

The most prominent public baths are the Sainokawara Rotemburo (large outdoor pools in Sainokawara Park), the Otakinoyu with its unique Awaseyu baths that features multiple wooden pools with different water temperatures, and the Gozanoyu, a beautiful wooden building next to the Yubatake with two simple, traditional baths.

Recommended Private Ryokens are: - Hotel Sakurai - Naraya - Kusatsu Now Resort Hotel - Kane Midori - Hotel Ichii2) Hakone Onsen Hakone Onsen stays in the second position consecutively as one of the Best Onsen location in Eastern Japan, closest to Japan's highest and most revered mountain, Mt. Hakone is located just one hour by train from Tokyo.

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