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) or certain windows with a lining to stop incoming heat, or wall construction including metal, you may still need an outdoor antenna, and almost certainly if you live in a basement!Whilst weather will normally have only a small effect in the signal - e.g.I bought an attractive blue case and 5 V, 2 A power-supply from Mod My Pi.You can see the Ethernet lead on the left, and the 4 GB SD card with the operating system on the right, together with the micro-USB power lead.Shown below are the offset results with the Raspberry Pi in three configurations: with WAN-only connections syncing to the Internet (as you might find it a typical home situation), with LAN connections to a local stratum-1 server, and acting as a stratum-1 server itself with two different small GPS/PPS receivers as the reference clock.

Later additions have included remote monitoring of the NTP server performance, and more general monitoring of the Raspberry Pi using the standard SNMP functions, with an additional CPU temperature monitoring add-on. Note that good performance is dependant on the GPS unit having a clear view of the sky, particularly the southern part of the sky if you are in the northern hemisphere. It will allow you to sync to broadcast servers as well. First I don't know who the NTP servers are on you network.If someone is being a bad little techie they could bork your time/date and invalidate some security protocols.Next, I note a couple of problems I had with the first GPS receiver I tried, and how I cured those with a different GPS receiver to produce a stratum-1 NTP server consuming about 4 watts.The easiest approach with good performance is described here.

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