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It lets you use KEMO custom anims in single-player adventure modules and campaigns.Some people seem to have problems getting this going so here's what you do: Just throw it into your override folder.—Removes the 3d model of your character on the level-up screen (stupid idea that reminded me of Bethesda's Oblivion) and allows you to control your char while leveling-up.This one does not seem to work with my Go G version; however I can confirm that it works with 1.10 (Mot B).Don't run NWN2 through Go G Galaxy, or turn off cloud saves.First up, the vast majority of mods are downloaded from Neverwinter Vault, which is a great community keeping the user-made content alive, and available to everyone for free. To reduce them to a fraction of their size so that they may be more efficiently stored and downloaded.Tchos' default Crypt Tileset edit with no jagged cobwebs —A tileset edit that overrides the crypt tileset to remove its ugly cobwebs. Tired of wasting 10 mins of your life rebuffing after each rest? See also: Pn P Warlock Epic Feats & Invocations, Warlock Spell Buffs.—Mostly an add-on for multi-player, though it also claims to fix crashes and other issues. KEMO custom animations and Heed's PC tool override version —This is Kemo and Heed's in override form.

But hopefully, this post will go some way to making this monster more accessible to people who would otherwise avoid it like the plague. But still, everyone's PC is different; for example, I go from 10 FPS to 40 FPS if I disable Shadows completely.To uninstall such mods, you simply remove them from "the override". Keeping track of overrides is EZ because they can be separated into their own descriptively-named sub-folders. Some mods may require that you place files into other sub-folders, too.Read the readmes that come with the mods to know exactly how to install them; this is just a general note, afterall.Includes Bishop Romance (OC), OC Companions for Mot B and Requiem (which expands the dialogue options concerning the fate of the OC companions during the Ammon Jerro conversation). Warlock Imbue Item Feat fix —This fix is for 1.10 Mot B. It fixes lots of bugs for v1.10 but I'm not sure how many of these were officially fixed in subsequent patches.Don't use it unless you know exactly what you are doing.

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