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This year, Karren and Claude will both return to the show to spot who's not pulling their weight during the tasks.The number of men and women in the world is roughly equal, though men hold a slight lead with 102 men for 100 women (in 2015)."Fired" contestants are brought back to help in the final tasks.The overall series winner is the contestant who survives until the end - and impresses Lord Sugar with their business idea.These are the unlucky candidates who tried their best but ultimately came up short, and were fired: Each series of The Apprentice begins with a series of contestants, split evenly between men and women, being shoved into a posh house in London.Then once a week they are woken up early, sent to a mystery location and split into two teams, with one of Lord Sugar's aids spying on each.

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Each series of the programme aims to find a new apprentice for billionaire business mogul and Amstrad founder Lord Alan Sugar, who's worth £1.4bn.

Sometimes their tasks last a day, sometimes they last longer - all we know is that at the end, one of the contestants from the losing team "will get fired." The episodes culminate in a nail-biting boardroom meeting, with Lord Sugar and his aids announcing the winning team, who are sent off to enjoy a prize.

After a tough discussion with the losing gang, Lord Sugar tells the team leader to bring back two people to the boardroom, and at least one of those three ends up getting sent home in a black cab.

Before the competitors reach that stage they must have a terrifying job interview with business experts, who pick their CVs apart like a plate of nachos.

The most recent winners have been Alana Spencer, Joseph Valente, Mark Wright, Leah Totton and Ricky Martin.

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