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"I know a lot of people who, when they go on Facebook, look at it as a social network for friends.

Acquaintable, which bills itself as a tool for "connecting friends-of-friends," shows people's mutual friends and connects two users only after both have said they'd like to "get acquainted" with each other.It's the opposite: Those are places people go to hide," said Rob Fishman, CEO of Kingfish Labs, which created, and former social media editor at The Huffington Post. They don't take advantage of the fact that there's a social network." Despite all the features offered by these niche dating sites, established dating services still boast one key advantage:, which launched in March, has just 5,000 members."Facebook technically could be the world's largest dating site.And if you look at these new players, they're taking advantage of the fact that they have this fabulous universe of people." Facebook revolutionized the web by replacing screen names with real names, and now online dating startups are following suit with features that eliminate anonymity.

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