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She enjoys 'hockey, whiskey, swimming in an open ocean, down comforters.’For all those who may wonder what makes her stand out among all the female OKCupid users, Miss Urasek wryly suggested that perhaps it is the winning combination of her looks, the correct spelling of her profile and her ability to steer clear of clichés like ‘living life to the fullest’ and ‘long walks on the beach.’ But the torrent of crass missives from aspiring boyfriends and lovers has reached a point where Urasek was forced to delete her account.

She later created a new profile in a bid to rid herself of some of the most undesirable devotees.

Altho, I may throw in something that is Star Wars oriented — just to throw him off just a bit!

For the past year, I attempted a dating experiment.

I have dated the bad guy, the good guy, and pretty much every type in between.

OK, so I go for the nice guy, but that won’t be news to our readers.

But, he loved everything about Star Trek — he was a Star Trek Geek.

The blog is a collection of photos of single guys on Ok Cupid who in their profile describe themselves as “nice guys” and also make at least one …The 23-year-old stunner then decided to strike back by creating a Tumblr account called Theyreallysaidthis, where she has been cataloging the most entertaining, grotesque and bizarre messages from her OKCupid gentlemen-callers.‘Out of the dates I have gone on, I've met guys that tried to kiss me within 10 minutes of meeting me, lied about their height and/or weight in their profile and propositioned me with monetary offers for sex,’ Urasek wrote.Continue reading Thanks to the reader in DC who sent in this Craigslist ad.This is one of the funniest/weirdest attempts to pick up ladies we’ve seen in awhile.

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