Oracle of dating series

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As you can imagine, it's total-body, lung-bursting exercise, and it's especially taxing on the upper body—especially at the grueling speed these guys are moving.In a race, the sailors start by sailing downwind to a buoy in about four minutes, hitting speeds of about 50 knots, Mc Farlane explains.

Tune in online with NBC's live stream or watch the America's Cup unfold on TV via NBCSN. - Rowing machine- Heart rate monitor- Marker cone for shuttle run set out six meters from the erg machine This is a timed, 20-minute workout.

"The primary grinders on the catamarans will average ~90-94% of their max heart rate for the entirety of the race." Those "grinders"?

They're the guys frantically cranking handles that charge the catamaran's hydraulic system, juicing up crucial parts like the wing sail.

"Each time the boat maneuvers, the sailors step out of their cockpit, onto a moving trampoline, and sprint across the 'tramps' to their cockpits on the opposite hull," Mc Farlane says.

Sprinting the 12 or so meters over the moving tramp will take the primary grinder about five seconds.

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