Orthotic accommodating shoes

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Plus, the interior is well-cushioned yet airy to enhance wrap around your delicate feet comfortably, thereby offering a relaxed fit.

The polished leather finish and stitching detailing complement all kinds of outfits, helping you stay comfortable and look sharp in the process.

The extra-wide design offers a relaxing fit, one that you can adjust to accommodate feet swellings during the day; plus, there is ample room for moving and spreading your toes for comfort.

The advanced orthotic insole makes your stride responsive while distributing pressure on all parts of the feet and preventing the strain from traveling all the way to your knee joints.

In fact, they have been proven to help alleviate a number of foot ailments, such as arthritis, edema, flat feet, neuropathy and even pronation.

The low shaft works well for people who want mild support for flat feet, and the low heel height means you can wear this shoe out for all kinds of formal and conservative gatherings without drawing criticism from others.

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