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The amount I’ve learned and the confidence I feel in my abilities after graduating is astronomical.In addition, I received a job offer from an awesome company before I even graduated!They do this for you even after you graduate because they want to get every single one of their graduates jobs as developers.They honestly seem to enjoy watching their students succeed.The Pathway Program trains you to be comfortable talking about yourself to other people, build professional resumes that best represent you and your newly acquired skills, develop an online presence that attracts you to more companies, and shapes you into a viable candidate for the numerous job opportunities you’ll have come graduation time. For me, it resulted in a job that I couldn’t be more excited about.A 22% increase in salary, full benefits, more PTO than I could use in a year, and all in an environment and culture I’m happy to be a part of. It’s an opportunity to literally change your life in 14 weeks.You can set goals on week 1 and if you work hard the entirety of the program, you’ll meet those goals near graduation.

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I met people who I am honored to call my friends and am excited to continue those friendships with. Based on the research I did beforehand, it seemed like the obvious best choice among coding bootcamps in Columbus, and it lived up to my expectations.This is a guy who strongly believes in the program and everything it stands for and he isn’t even being paid by them anymore. The amount the Pathway Program staff works with you not just during the cohort but after you graduate is incredible.The Pathway Program is the most obvious example of what sets Tech Elevator apart from other bootcamps.If you are someone like me who has struggled getting call backs after applying for jobs in the past, the Pathway Program is part of what you are paying for and I advise you to make the most of it. Overall, if you have the drive and ambition, and if programming is something you are honestly passionate about, Tech Elevator is absolutely the way to go.Choosing to attend feels like one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and you’ll be working with people genuinely invested in your success.

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