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If you click the links above it’ll look like they go to the same page, but I assure you they’re different.

Click the More Options link to see on each page to see.

There are plenty of browser extensions that will test the page you’re viewing in the W3C validators.

HTML Tidy is another option for validating pages, though it may not offer the exact same results as the W3C validator.

You could use this identity token to verify Office 365 (Exchange) users in your own service – that means calling the get User Identity Token Async method and passing it with a call to your service.

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We can now start parsing the identity token and get into the nitty-gritty details of things.Split('.'); var encoded Header = parts[0]; var encoded Payload = parts[1]; var encoded Signature = parts[2]; // Decode and deserialize var decoded Header = Utilities.Get Base64Url Decoded String(encoded Header); var decoded Payload = Utilities.The identity token is a JWT, you can learn more about it here: In short; the Exchange identity token (JWT) token consists of three parts (Base64Url encoded and split by a dot) – a header, the payload and a signature.The header contains information about the token, such as the token type and the algorithm used to secure it.

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