Pepsi one expiration dating

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Now it's been completely discontinued, and I hate that, because it's so cool when sodas get sequels.

(1990)Pepsi's Wild Bunch: I realize that it's still hard for many of you to grasp the concept of a "soda collectors' market," but I swear, it exists, and it's given me powerful knowledge about soft drinks most of the world never knew existed. In 1991, the folks at Pepsi had their big annual company picnic, and let's just say that the grass had never been so green.

Proper, non-fruity soda is supposed to look like sewer water.

After sales went to **** Pepsi tried to capitalize on our wrongful assumptions of Crystal Pepsi by transforming it into "Crystal By Pepsi," which was actually meant to taste like citrus soda.

The written description on the can only told us that it was "Peps-Cola with tropical fruit." Now, I've heard of everything from cherries to lemons being referred to as a "tropical fruit." In the world of artificial flavors, it's a pretty vague term.

So, I imagine that the fun in drinking Tropical Chill Pepsi lied mostly in trying to discern the different fruits that composed it upon each sip.

Changing Coca-Cola sounded downright sacrilegious, but since people didn't want to look like retards who'd claim "blasphemy" over a cornerstone of Americana switching from sugar to corn syrup, we just got spiteful and said that New Coke tasted like **** Really, it tasted like any other soda, but when you're pissy, you go for the throat.

I'm still kicking myself for not picking up a 12-pack and figuring out some way to wall-mount it over my television.That's why the person standing next to you should make a foghorn sound effect whenever you mention them. But, since it was already a widespread and totally national release, Surge lovers had ample time to stock their garages with as many cases as they could find, and even today, it's not impossible to find 12-packs on e Bay. This had happened before when beloved sodas got the ax, but Surge marked the first time that people had something called an Internet to let their voices be heard as one. Oh, the many forum signatures edited to enlist the clueless to the Surge-saving cause. People claimed that Vault tasted much like Surge in a very intentional way, but I've tried both and I just don't see it.Here's the kicker: People generally aren't bidding on 'em for "collectible" purposes. While I remember Surge mostly for a series of commercials on WCW Monday Nitro where Bill Goldberg held a can to the camera and threatened to kill my momma with it yarrrrrr, I was never into soft drinks from the Mountain Dew side of the pie graph. Maybe it's because the two beverages were entirely different colors.Still, it was one of those things that people had to try at least once.There was no excuse for avoiding a novelty factor that high.

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