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(Xinhua/Dong Chengwen) The Philippines unveiled a statue representing the "comfort women" in Manila on Friday, who were forced to work as sex slaves for Japanese soldiers during World War II.The seven-feet bronze sculpture depicts a blindfold, grieving woman in Maria Clara traditional Filipiniana gown.

We especially want to remind the younger generation that there is such thing as victimization of war by the Japanese," she told Xinhua. Another group, the Malaya Lolas (Free Grandmothers), has documented 90 but the number dwindled to a few following the death of the rest over the years.

"While we cannot erase all of their pain and suffering, we can at least do our humblest best to show them that they are not alone.

Through this marker, we are expressing our intention never to forget what they went through, and to do all we can to make sure such a tragedy never happens again," he added.

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