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Ethan answered “Yeah yeah, don't sweat it, I’m tired anyway, I will go to bed right now.” while he stated to pull down his jeans throwing them in one corner of the room. What if you masturbate in your sleep and leave the mess in my bed. ” At first Ethan was surprised to hear the word 'masturbate' out of her sisters mouth.After that he directly went to the only bed in Macys room. She was a few years younger than him, sure, and at her age it would be normal that she knows about sex and is interested in it, yet up until that very moment Ethan always looked at Macy as some kind of asexual being.He stepped right next to Macy in her chair looking at the screen and saying “Yes, I really like that”. Ethan stopped looking at the screen and started looking at his sisters body in that desk chair.He tried to make it sound like a joke, but somehow it came out genuine. She was also wearing boxers, so he had a good look as her nice long legs and thighs and as his eyes wandered upward he noticed that he could see his little sisters nipples through her plain white top and also was able to look down through her breaths.

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Without his shorts, his hard cock was standing right next to his little sister pointing hat the screen. All he cared about right now was that he wants his dick inside this pretty and tight looking pussy. ” Macy noticed his fixed look on her pussy and not only was she OK with it, she wanted him inside her.Admit that you're hard and that you're just fighting the urge to stroke your cock. Believe me, it'll feel good.” “Well...” Macy said as she raised her hand to touch her older brothers dick.I told you that is what man do.” “No, leave me alone, it's not what you think! At first she just used one finger and poked it a little, as if she just wanted to see it bounce, but soon she just more fingers and than she wrapped her hand around it and started stroking it slowly and sensitively. “No, I’ve had sex before, but none of them where as big”.Later that evening Macy was sitting in her room surfing the internet on her Laptop when Ethan entered the room and said “Seems like we're sharing a room tonight! “As I see it, you are intruding into my room and I am allowing you to stay in it. “No way, this is my bed, the floor is good enough for you!So be quiet and let me do my stuff.”, Macy replied with an annoyed sounding voice. ” Ethan knew that this was going to happen and he didn't really want to share a bed with his younger sister, but being in the mood for a fight with her sister, as he always is, he was going for it anyway. This bed is way big enough for both of us.” “No way.

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