Prison dating stories

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Two are in solitary confinement (one for hiding a cell phone in his anus), one is jacked up on psychiatric medication (he has life without parole), one is a crazy fool who was sent to the psych unit, one is a lazy slob who got HIV/AIDS, one was taken away in an ambulance after getting beaten up.The only one left is a new first-time offender who’s obsessed with a female prison guard.Kite: A contraband note written on a small piece of paper and passed to others through underground methods. Kesue: Knife Kitty Kitty: Female correctional officer Lame Duck: A vulnerable inmate standing alone in the prison yard, easy to prey on Life Jolt: A life sentence L Whop: Life without the possibility of parole Lockdown: When some kind of disturbance in prison causes guards to lock all inmates in their cells, indefinitely, until calm is restored.Often involves a “shakedown.” Lock-in-a-sock: A weapon created from putting a combination lock inside a sock and swinging it Mando: Mandatory Meat Wagon: A hospital ambulance Molly Whopped: To kick someone’s ass in a fight or to get your ass kicked in a fight Monkey Mouth: A prisoner who goes on and on about nothing.All Day: A life sentence All Day and a Night: Life without parole Back Door Parole: To die in prison Bats: Cigarettes Bean Slot: The opening in the cell door where food is delivered.BB Filler: Body Bag Filler; usually a very ill prisoner.And me.” Note: Please send us any prison slang words we’ve left out, include a definition and the state or prison where you’ve heard it.

June Bug: A prisoner considered to be a slave to others.Two are in The Hole (one for Keistering a cell phone), one is jacked up on Brake Fluid (he’s got L Whop), one’s a J-Cat sent to the Ding Wing, one is a Dump Truck who caught the Ninja, one was picked up by a Meat Wagon after getting Molly whooped.The only one left is a Fish who’s obsessed with a Kitty-Kitty.Bid: Prison sentence Big Bitch: Death Sentence Bindle: A small package containing tobacco or drugs Blues: Prison Clothes Bonaru: Brand new prison clothes Boneyard visit: Conjugal visit without kids Brake Fluid: Psychiatric meds Brogan: The state-issued work boots that inmates wear.Brownies: People who work in the kitchen Bucky or Celly: Cellmate Buffing: Working out on the exercise bars with water, sandbags, and calisthenics Bug: A prison staff member who can’t be trusted.

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