Problems updating flash player

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- "ERR Dnn", "ERR Enn": A problem during data copying (e.g. Download the firmware version b5, then install it by following the recovery firmware procedure. Reset the Zappiti Player to factory default settings in the Settings panel. - JS STB API is extended with the support for Pi P. - Improvement for BD Lite: new feature to lauch the main movie automatically. This Zappiti Player firmware packages consists of files which are provided by Dune HD and distributed under different license terms, in particular under Dune HD proprietary license or under any Open Source License (namely GNU General Public License, GNU Lesser General Public License or Free BSD License). The source code of those files distributed as Open Source are available on written request to [email protected] can be downloaded here: grants the non-exclusive right to personally use this firmware package which is delivered in object code format only.

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How to check the firmware version: To check the current version of your firmware, go to player settings, then click the "About" button localized on the bottom of the page and locate "build number". Download the last firmware file here bellow on the internal HDD of your computer. Note for MAC users: to download a ZIP file without decompressing it, go to the Safari settings, then uncheck "Automatically open reliable files." Then unzip the file using Win Zip Mac Edition or equivalent software. Please check the blinking of the USB flash drive LED to verify that the firmware is proceed the installation well. After about 15 minutes, the Zappitit Player 4K will reboot by itself. If you don't see any image after 30 min (black screen), pleased connect the Zappiti Player 4K to the HDMI input of a monitor or to another TV and try again the procedure. If this process don't solve your problem, please contact the support by clicking here... Adding a new version of Zappiti Media Center that can be updated more easily without Google Play. Adding a new version of Zappiti Explorer that can be updated more easily without Google Play. Reducing the size of the firmware file for faster download and upgrade. Memory optimization and improving overall stability. : Zappiti Player 4K Firmware version "20160406 OS2.4 b7"... Remove the ES File Explorer application that caused recognition issues of internal hard drives. Adding Zappiti Transfer service (final version) directly integrated in the firmware to quickly and easily transfer files between a PC and your Zappiti Player 4K by the LAN. Fixed buttons inversion problem of Page / Page- for Next Chapter / Prev Chapter during video playback.

(Please set your Zappiti Player 4K resolution in "1080p @ 24Hz" mode). If you use it you could see the warning message "Fatal Error" when lauching Zappiti or Explorer app.

Note: this beta version doesn't support the Reset Factory Default function. Zappiti Explorer is now a standalone app available from the home page. Removal of most default apps (it remains possible to add additional apps via Google Play).

Zappiti reserves all intellectual property rights except as expressly granted herein.

Licensee shall only be entitled to make a copy exclusively reserved for personal backup purposes (backup copy).

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