Ps3 not updating netflix

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It is very important that you keep these numbers for backup purposes, in case you need to revert to them at any time.We also recommend that you print this page, in the event that you encounter a problem and need to refer to these instructions.

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Here's a video of it in action: Could you do all of these features using your PS3 remote? This same type of second-screen controlling is also available for You Tube on your PS3. Check out Netflix's info page and troubleshooting tips for fixing your problem.

I was on the phone for about 5 minutes before I got through to a live agent.

I told him my problem and this were the first steps we went through: 1) Click on Netflix app 2) Push “Start” and “Select” right away until a message asks “Do you want to reset the login information” 3) Hit “Yes” At this point it loaded for several minutes but gave me the error message.

When I clicked on the Netflix icon, the logo showed up but it kept on loading.

After several minutes, it gave me an error stating “it can’t connect to Netflix.” Then the screen froze and I had to press “Start” so I can quit the software.

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