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In 1947 Serrano Suñer wrote, in French, the first of several autobiographical reminiscences, Entre les Pyrenees et Gibraltar, which was later published in Spanish.Notwithstanding a berating from his brother-in-law, the book went into 11 editions.His marriage and his longstanding friendship with Jose Antonio proved to be factors which, together with his outstanding intellectual powers, stood him in good stead and adventitiously consolidated his political advance, initially as a Conservative Right member of the Cortes.On the outbreak of the Civil War following the uprising in Morocco, he threw in his lot with the Nationalists.This incident further fuelled Serrano Suñer's detestation of Soviet Communism; but it also contributed to his disdain for the British and to his Germanophilia.Serrano Suñer himself resourcefully escaped from a prison hospital disguised as a woman.

The rift thereby created between the brothers-in-law was never bridged, and Serrano Suñer - an abogado del estado (a lawyer representing the government) since the early 1930s - embarked on a second career as a distinguished and passionately committed international lawyer, figuring in many important international cases; he also became an author, a journalist and a memorialist of, and apologist for, his political times.Ramón Serrano Suñer was born in Cartagena on September 12 1901, one of seven children of an engineer.His father was widowed at the age of 33 and was to die at the early age of 67.He then went to Zaragoza, where he became an abogado del estado.It was there that he met Francisco Franco Bahamonde, then Governor of the Military Academy; and through Franco's wife Carmen Polo, he met her sister Zita Polo, who was to become Serrano Suñer's wife in 1931 and in due course bear him six children.

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