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I sometimes send via my ISP's server, so it has to worry about the queuing etc.

If you send it yourself then you are not reliant on 3rd party server.

You can find the default values for Shorewall in /usr/share/shorewall/configfiles. Please note SSH is these days a known attack vector for brute force attacks.

Especially if you allow connection from anywhere on the internet and on the standard SSH port (22).

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This is a step by step howto guide to set up a mail server on a GNU / Linux system.

Remember these are highly security sensitive so choose one you trust. The multiverse, restricted and partner can be added but are not needed. deb trusty universe deb-src trusty universe deb trusty-updates universe deb-src trusty-updates universe Note the security repository always have to go to the non-mirrored server. But first check your package sources are correctly pointing to main multiverse restricted universe repositories of your current Ubuntu version. UFW is bundled with recent Ubuntu distributions, but I still prefer Shorewall for servers. If you prefer you can also open IMAP to the world, unless you have a very small client IP range.

As mentioned in the previous edition you also might want to find a repository closer to your server. is no longer supplied in the base install of Ubuntu. Some part of this document may still refer to aptitude. I also install a few other packages that I personally prefer. Now lets configure a simple mail server using some of the packages installed. Amazon provides a firewall/ access control for its servers, so not always needed then, but nice to have. Later you may open web access to the webmail and admin gui. By default Shorewall in Ubuntu has an empty set up. First configure which network adapters we are accessing the net.

This howto is based on Ubuntu and its base of debian which uses apt-get.

Therefore this section uses apt packages to its fullest.

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