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Therefore, the user agent provides a preference setting that makes the Alt-F open the file menu.

There needs to be a toggle ability, so that the user who wants to make the banan issue: in 4.1.2 how to make a keystroke cascade, trickle down from UA interface, extensions, accesskeys, scripts.

In addition, the assistive technology the user may be employing will also have assigned key commands. These conflicts impact user expectations of what will happen when a key is pressed, cau user expectations of what will happen when a key is pressed, causing confusion and failure.

The most problematic situation is when the author supplied scripting has precedence on the keyboard commands.

Therefore, nsure that the user can interact with enabled elements, select content, navigate viewports, configure the user agent, access documentation, install the user agent, and operate user interface controls, all entirely through keyboard input.Created ISSUE-49 - It might be good for an SC to specifically require UA to allow the user to use any style sheet, including print-oriented style sheets, on the screen. Closing 42, repalced by action 230 which is a more comprehensive multimedia success criteria on Mark. User keyboard customizations should be saved similar to other user preferences by the user agent. For many users, including those who use the keyboard or and input method such as speech, the keyboard is often a primary method of user agent control.That would allow them to take advantage of simplified layouts created for printing. Closing action 43 dealing with selecting audio only from video stream. It is inportant that direct keyboard commands assigned to user agent functionality be discoverable as the user is exploring the user agent.There are many layers of software that can specify what happens when the user presses a key.For example, the operating system, the user agent interface, the addons or extensions, and author supplied accesskeys or javascript.

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