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That's why we use the highest-quality material we can lay our hands on to create individualised gifts that are durable, sturdy, and guaranteed to bring a smile to every face.

Your photo gifts are individually wrapped by hand and placed in hardy packaging made to measure.

Artear is one of Argentina's longest running and most prolific television networks.

ATEN provides the perfect solution to help Artear build two large video walls – one large 10 x 6 wall and a second 5 x 5 wall – to display up-to-the-minute content 24-7 for news editors and marketing content creators.

Using modern and eco-friendly production methods for premium quality with an impact, it's decor that truly stands out.

A hardened acrylic glass, cut with an astoundingly precise milling technique serves as an excellent carrier of your beloved picture or photo!

The photo on wood provides a natural look, with your picture printed on a genuine photo paper, which is then covered with a protective matte layer that protects your image from persistent fingerprint stains.

The wood panel itself consists of multiple layers, topped with a lab quality, 12-colour print of your photo.

Then photo on passe-partout is the right route for you!As an innovator in the broadcasting industry in Latin America, Artear decided to build a state-of-the-art newsroom.This major project involved the creation of two large video walls to display up-to-the-minute content 24-7 for news editors and marketing content creators, and also to display in real-time the content streams from live channels, social media platforms and outside broadcasting vehicles.State-of-the-art UV direct printing and curing technology results in pictures with smooth sharpness and amazing colour reproduction printed directly on a polished acrylic glass.With our 6-colour printing technology, finer details are accurately captured and reproduced while large colour areas are duplicated in deep, rich colours.

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