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Therefore, Computing Services will make an effort to continue providing access to the installers for unsupported operating systems and access to the product updates on an unofficial and unsupported basis.The priority for maintaining these updates will be considered low (at best) and may be discontinued completely with little or no warning should significant difficulties arise in the continuation of such support.September 10th, 2017Delta flights are operational this afternoon on a limited schedule.It is important to remember that cancellations are determined by each carrier, and in a severe weather situation changes to flight status can occur rapidly.Authorized users will always be able to download the latest version of the SAV software onto the target system directly from Computing Services' highly available servers.In cases where computer systems are being disposed of, this software should be uninstalled or erased prior to the disposal of the system.The root cause of this problem is the Policy registry key.

Calls to the airport made during this time period will reach emergency operations personnel.

As such, when SAV is run on an unsupported platform it is treated as an unsupported application for the purposes of determining the level, priority, and associated costs of providing support.

Please refer to the Computing Services PC Support Policy and the Computing Services Service Pricing page for more information.

SAV running on any other platform is considered to be unsupported and subject to the policies outlined in the PC Support policy document (ie: billable and lowest possible priority).

Be advised that official support for SAV on the Mac OS 9 platform is discontinued. While SAV for Windows is listed as a supported application on the Computing Services List of Supported Hardware/Software (Policy 150.40), Only Windows 7 SP1 and newer are supported.

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