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Or, if they say that it is the birthday of the Sun, He is the Sun of Justice." Already Tertullian (Apol., 16; cf. The reckoning, moreover, is wholly in keeping with the arguments based on number and astronomy and "convenience", then so popular. Catt., 21 September, 1895, etc.): The first Mass, celebrated at the in St.

This theory is best supported by the fact that certain Montanists (Sozomen, VII.18) kept Easter on 6 April; both 25 December and 6 January are thus simultaneously explained.

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Unfortunately, there is no contemporary evidence for the celebration in the fourth century of Christ's conception on 25 March. Till the tenth century Christmas counted, in papal reckoning, as the beginning of the ecclesiastical year, as it still does in Bulls; Boniface VIII (1294-1303) restored temporarily this usage, to which Germany held longest. XV, 5,5) forbids, in 425, circus games on 25 December; though not till Codex Just., III, 12, 6 (529) is cessation of work imposed. xi, xvii) proclaims, in 566 or 567, the sanctity of the "twelve days" from Christmas to Epiphany, and the duty of Advent fast; that of Agde (506), in canons 63-64, orders a universal communion, and that of Braga (563) forbids fasting on Christmas Day. Mary Major — a church probably immediately assimilated to the Bethlehem basilica — and the third, at St.(December, 1900); ERBES, Das Syrische Martyrologium, etc., in Zeitschr. It's the golden anniversary for one of the most iconic shows in the annals of television.A number of Carol's co-stars were snapped at the event, including Vicki Lawrence and Lyle Waggoner, as well as show business stalwarts such as Jay Leno, Harry Connick Jr., Tom Selleck and Pat Boone.Also seen on the red carpet included stars such as Kaley Cuoco, Jane Lynch, Tracee Ellis Ross, Beth Behrs, Kristin Chenoweth and Bill Hader, among others.

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