Secular dating versus christian dating 100 percent dating sites in brunei

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The former should be celebrated, the latter condemned.

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Even in those societies where secularism was forcefully (and immorally) promulgated by the bayonet and gun – the former Soviet Union, for example – they, too, placed an unparalleled emphasis on women’s equality.

Of course, there are many passages in many religious scriptures of all faiths that certainly celebrate gender equality; but they do not cancel out or make any less bitter the many patriarchal and sexist scriptures that do not.

And of course, there are certainly many religious individuals who support women’s rights, just as there are many secular individuals who are quite misogynistic.

There is no conflict between science and the needs is a proper understanding how to merge science and the Bible.

In societies where religion is strong, the status of women is lower, the power of women is diminished, and various life options for women related to career, family, education, personal style, sexual expression, reproduction, athletics, politics, etc. But in societies where secularism is strong, the status of women is higher, the power of women is enhanced, and various life options are much wider and varied.

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