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Adult victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault may also delay sharing their stories for fear of retribution, said Jeff Dion, deputy executive director for the National Center for Victims of Crime.

Other reasons include: “The person who did it was in a position of power and control.

Far more often, system bias stands in the way, Park said, when police officers and detectives dismiss survivor testimonies and lose or mishandle evidence.

Rather than focusing on statutes of limitations, Park said policymakers instead should make sure law enforcement is trained to handle sexual assault cases appropriately.

‘I was threatened.’ ‘I thought I was the only one,'” he said. California that states cannot retroactively remove criminal statutes of limitations to make it easier to prosecute child sex abuse cases.

In recent months, some states, considering the kinds of issues outlined by O’Connor and other advocates, have rolled back some statutes of limitation. 1, shortly before news of Harvey Weinstein swept the nation, Montana extended its sexual abuse statute from 10 years after a victim’s 18th birthday to 20 years. 1, Oklahoma eliminated its statute of limitation on child pornography charges, as well as for cases where a minor was raped, forcibly sodomized or the victim of “lewd and indecent acts.” (These kinds of changes only apply to those who come forward after the laws take effect.) In 2003, the U. “Do these features of the law, taken together, produce the kind of retroactivity that the Constitution forbids?

We conclude that they do,” Justice Stephen Breyer wrote in the majority opinion.

Among the states that have rolled back their statutes, the changes are incremental and form a patchwork quilt of policymaking stretched across 50 states, said Marci Hamilton, who directs Child USA, a think tank that tracks child sex abuse laws nationwide, and serves as a professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

In August, Cross said Hastert “will never be held accountable” for the suffering he put Cross and his classmates through.More than half of states make exceptions for statutes of limitation if DNA evidence surfaces, but a massive backlog of rape kits illustrates how the promise of justice through forensics has its limits.And Wyoming, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia and Maryland have no statute of limitations for felony sex crimes, according to RAINN’s database.Leyva said she hadn’t known victims faced that “arbitrary time limit” and she “found that shocking.” At the same time, scandal enveloped comedian Bill Cosby as women said he had drugged and assaulted them, with claims dating back more than 50 years.Some of those same women came and testified before the legislature in support of Leyva’s bill, she said, adding: “Timing is everything in life.” In August 2016, the American Civil Liberties Union opposed the bill, saying it could increase the odds of an innocent person going to prison.

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