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The seasonality has certainly affected our appreciation for blue crab over the years, and it is why it holds the place that it does in the Chesapeake way of life.

From a scientific perspective, the need for hibernation is the main reason Maryland crabs taste better than other types of crab — and also tastes better than blue crabs from other waters, according to Steve Vilnit of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Fisheries Services.

Many restaurants use cheaper pasteurized crab from Asia for their dishes. Gjerde notes that other species of crab lack the depth of flavor and delicate texture of blue crabs.

Because they are a delicacy, the best time to eat them is whenever you can get them.

hard not to love something deep fried, but many natives consider sautéing the better option to not overwhelm the sweetness of the meat.

Both methods preserve the fatty mustard inside and typically lead to a crab gushing with juice.

During that time the shells are soft and papery, so they can be eaten whole, claw to claw, with the exception of the gills and parts of the abdomen.

These parts are removed prior to being cooked, so diners can eat with abandon.

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