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The Practice is well known in the area for it’s care of very anxious patients by many means, including the use of animals to alleviate anxiety, has now added a very large female pot bellied pig to its burgeoning animal collection.

The pig, a rescue animal, wanders freely around the Practice grounds and is a great attraction for patients visiting the practice.

The really good thing is that the main dentist - Dr Mark Boulcott is the only person I am aware of in this part of the world who can sedate people like me for removing my bad teeth.

A vicious cycle of mistrust is then ingrained if the dentist ignores their concerns and attempts to treat without their full understanding and cooperation.

Gaining trust within such children is very difficult within a clinical environment.

The child expects unpleasant behaviour from the dentist and, sadly, is often is not disappointed.

What we do here at Herbrandston is to try to break this cycle by taking the child out of the surgery and showing them that dentists can be nice people: can be friendly and can relate to them and their problems. Well we take them out and show them some of our animals.” Dr Boulcott with Matilda the Pig. It has been psychologically demonstrated that certain palliative procedures such as warming of the skin prior to surgery can significantly relieve anxiety.

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