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Arrests of federal law enforcement under DOJ’s supervision, on child pornography related charges, include: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)John Kenoyer, the late former FBI Bureau Chief in Augusta, Maine wasindicted, March 1986, on child sex abuse charges.

Kenoyer had been raping, his children’s ten year old babysitter for over a year.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Department of Justice (DOJ) employed four out of every five federal law enforcement officers.

Because the US government is not keeping statistics on child pornography arrests and prosecutions, in particular of their own employees, to gather comprehensive data on all arrests of federal law enforcement officers is difficult.

He was sentenced, 8 April 2016, to two days and one night in jail followed by ten years of supervised release.

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The report begins with this disclaimer:he OIG’s ability to conduct this review was significantly impacted and delayed by the repeated difficulties we had in obtaining relevant information from both the FBI and DEA….

He broke bond and went into hiding after his indictment.

Kenoyer was located February 1987, and pleaded guilty to nine charges in June 1987 and was sentenced, September 1987, to nine months in jail followed by two years of house arrest.

Instead, I’ve profile only 43 federal law enforcement employees arrested on child pornography related charges.

It was noticeably more difficult to locate photographs of federal law enforcement officers than of local and state police or professors.

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