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Told to pay £449.50 compensation and do 100 hours’ unpaid work.

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They allege that the teacher, who left the school in the Summer of 1988; a year after the alleged abuse had stopped, would engage in sex acts at his Kennington home as well as at the school.* Daniel Durham, 24, of Windmill Road, Oxford, admitted shoplifting a laptop valued at £899 from Currys in Oxford on September 27; shoplifting meat from Co-op in Botley on October 29 and possession of cannabis (Class B) in Oxford on October 15.Told to pay £459.50 compensation and do 60 hours’ unpaid work while under 12 months’ supervision.Black and white, short haired, pink nose, distinctive yellow eyes rimmed with black fur around the edges making them look like they've been made up with black eyeliner! I thought it was a feral one or belonged to one of the nearby farms. From the finder: "I have seen this cat around the farm land here from time to time as long ago as last summer.

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